16 May 2006

Happy Days are Here Again!

It is the day: the day we leave for vacation. Sigh......it seems too good to be true. I am leaving this desk now and will not return until the 30th of the month. Glory in it--the freedom!!!
I think Husband and I have already mentally been on vacation for several days. We've been staying up late, goofing off, eating junk food, spending money.
Last night I found the most comfortable, glorious sandals EVER at Marshall Fields on sale (though they weren't cheap, mind you....haven't spent this much on a pair of shoes since I was in basketball) that were made all of natural materials, were sexy, and still felt great. Victory!
The last trip I went on was to Paris last spring. That was the trip of a lifetime. I think this trip will in it's own way, also be the trip of a lifetime. For one thing, Husband is going with me, so I won't feel too badly if I die in a plane crash. Except for all of our debt. And what would happen with it? That makes me feel badly to think about. So, the plane can't crash. And I think the whole tropical experience is going to be amazing--I've never really been anywhere tropical unless you could Galveston, TX.
In Galveston, we experienced Mardi Gras, sea food, beached jellyfish, and the sheer thrill of almost stepping barefoot onto a hypodermic needle. Other than the needle, I loved it.
I would write more, but frankly, I am too excited to sit still or think straight.


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