10 May 2006

School's out for summer--School's out FOREVER!!!

Hello. Today is my husband's final and last day of college. I am so proud of him, and I am very relieved that it is over. I think he learned a lot and really developed a passion for his field. And now we will have more money. I can't even imagine what two incomes will be like again. I am actually astounded with the way that God provided for us to make it through the past two years both financially and relationally. In two years of driving, Billy never one time had car problems.
So, today opens a new chapter in our lives. The chapter of Both of Us are Employed Now. And the chapter of Now we have to pay off our ass-load of Debt. And the chapter of Now I get to Decide what to do the the Rest of my Life.
I am very thankful for his school, his company, and the amazing provision that God has given us up until this point. He is faithful. Lest we never forget it, no matter what we are going through. Suffering produces perserverence and character. It builds us, and it builds our relationship with God.
Vacation preparations continue. Last night we went to Target (and I returned today) to get swimsuits, water shoes, shorts, capris, and other acoutrements for the vacation.
Most women hate swimsuit shopping. I thought I did as well. I have now decided that I actually hate pants shopping more than swimsuit shopping. My pants are always a million sizes bigger than I'd want them to be, and they never fit. With swimsuits, you don't have to worry about squeezing anything around your hips or thighs. And if The Girls look good, I feel generally pretty well about the world. And last night I think I found the best swimsuit of all time ever for my body. And then this morning, I found two more.
Yes, I plan on spending a lot of time on the beach--lay off. You only go to Hawaii once [maybe].
And maybe yoga is actually really paying off, despite what the scale says. Damn scale. I can see muscles in my back I didn't know i had.
Last night Dana and I excurged to Sheyenne Gardens to look at perennials and to buy tomato plants. We accomplished both of these things despite the rain and the mucky conditions, but I hope to return at some point to walk around and actually enjoy myself without wading through mud in dress shoes.
I swear if it rains one more day...
Vacation celibacy--The Member strikes again.
We were doing very well on vacation celibacy. That is, we were doing well, until the Husband i.e. the Member, decided to be grumpy about it. I went through all the same rationalization as before as well as the explaining and then the cross-examination "Are you SURE you want to ruin the vacation celibacy????" But, wine was being had at the time, and, well, it is just a long time to wait. After 10 minutes of back-and-forth conversation, the Member frantically grabs the closest Bible around our house and starts ranting and shuffling the pages and shaking the book at me:
There is nowhere in the book that there are rules that we have to have vacation celibacy, the Member Says.
It's not a rule, it's a guideline.
Nowhere, nowhere, nowhere......it doesn't say it anywhere [frantic shuffling, fast breathing, red faced]
I really can't support my position at this point because The Member is right, though he does drastically lack a sense of adventure about things.
The other night I did succeed at one thing--I got the entire garden planted (sans tomatoes, peppers, leaks, peas), transplanted all the plants I got at home last weekend (they look fantastic), and even moved some other plants around. The garden and flower beds are actually starting to fill out and look like something after three years of work. And my dear husband also succeeded at digging out the path, lining it, edging it, and completely preparing it for receiving rocks. Soon the path will be done, and one more thing will be crossed off of the home improvement list. I also bought some shade plants to help fill in around the path. Me thinks it will look fantastic when completed.
We celebrated this victory against the weeds and the rain by lazing in our hammock and letting the glorious smell of the apple and crab apple blossoms in the yard waft over us. Sigh...I love spring.
Spring brings other things. Like pregnancies [not mine]. We have two friends--two couple friends of ours--that we just found out are expecting. Well, one of them I sort of unofficially knew about for awhile [due to my amazing psychic abilities enhanced by the consumption of sushi at lunch one day] and one of them we sort of accidentally found out about when the drunk brother spilled the beans to us.
Can you say awkward? Trying to pretend that you didn't just hear someone's brother tease her about being prego?
Good gravy.


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