03 May 2006

Wine & Words

So, Dana and I have decided to do something intellectual and enriching. We are starting a philosophy/religion discussion forum for women for the summer to be held at my place and including wine and chocolate. I am really excited about this. We will start out with some materials on basic thinking, i.e., how to think well, how to reason well. We'll also probably go through some basic information on how to argue clearly and also about worldviews. After that, it is up to the group what we discuss. The possibilities are endless--philosophy, religion, various aspects of these things, current events, politics, the meaning of life. I think it will be really cool, and the women that are deciding to join us in this project are all wonderful thinkers that I think will bring a lot to the group. So, today I ordered a bunch of possible materials from a place that teaches Christians, specifically, to think well, called Stand to Reason Ministries.
So much for purging books. I just added about 10 more to my list.
Today is my mother-in-laws birthday. Husband had the idea to send her flowers, which I think is great. So, I called the hometown flower shop this morning and had Maggie, the woman who owns it (who is also the mom of one of my former classmates), throw together a bouquet to be brought to mother-in-law's workplace (which, indicentally, is exactly a block away from the flower shop in main street). Maggie also does a thing where she dresses up in a clown suit and makeup and brings the bouquet to the person and sings happy birthday really annoyingly and loud and embarrasses them.
So, last night after husband had been sleeping a good half hour and my mind was still turning, I had the idea that we should send Maggie the Clown along with the bouquet. So, I woke Husband up (Husband is used to me waking him up to ask him things like this, poor husband) to pitch the idea.
The idea was immediately shot down.
So, just the bouquet is going. But at least I have hope that we are getting better at participating in family birthdays.
The guy that I work with took his family on vacation to Disney Land for this week. This means I am being two people at work, and one of the people's jobs I don't understand very well. And, of course, this is the week that all of the rich people with expensive house ideas want to make their house dreams come true. Result: I look like and idiot trying to figure out what to do.
I can't wait for Dan to get back from vacation.
It has been raining for almost a week now. I bought the Husband a huge hammock and stand for his graduation from college. We still had not been able to put it up. Last night the rain let up for awhile, so we decided to put out the hammock for the first time. We'd be laying in the hammock no more than 30 seconds when it started to pour again.
15 days until Maui. I have had the mandatory pre-flight pep talk from friend, Jodi (another seasoned traveler) who knows that I am terrified of turbulence. She has to send me all kinds of links with safety information including diagrams and explanations of turbulence. At first this information terrifies me. But then the excitement of the trip outweighs any fears I have. And then I feel fine. Thanks, Jodi! So, now we are on to the phase of the trip planning where I keep having dreams that I forget our tickets in Fargo and do not realize it until we reach the Minneapolis airport.
This is kind of like the dream that i had leading up to my wedding that I either forgot to go to the wedding or forgot to wear clothes to the wedding or wore something hideous instead of my glorious dress.
So, anyway, the trip planning continues. Current items on the trip to-do list include: 1) sister-in-law's wedding on the beach, 2) two different luaus, 3) a day at the spa with a couple's massage, couple's facial, and couple's pedicure, 4) hiking into a volcano crater, 5) snorkeling, 6) eating sushi for every meal, 7) spending some time with family, 8) not spending too much time with family, 9) day trip to Oahu to see Pearl Harbor and the Polynesian Cultural center, 10) visiting some botanical gardens and a few vineyards.
By the way, I am a total idiot about Hawaii, and I probably shouldn't even be going on this trip with as ignorant as I am, but my brother was kind enough to point out that if I planned on seeing Pearl Harbor and the cultural center on the Big Island, as I thought, that I would be disappointed when arrived b/c the only thing on the Big Island is volcanos, and the other stuff is actually on Oahu. Idiot, me.
Speaking of my brother, he was nice enough to send me, via email to my work address, some lovely photographs that he had recently taken. I was excited when I saw the email b/c my brother has actually become quite an accomplished photographer recently, and I thought the picture was going to be something glorious.
Instead, the pictures were two giant close-ups of piles of dog terds in his yard.
Last night I made some progress in the business planning. More on that down the road. Suffice it to say that I am in the research and development phase of making recipes for cosmetics and body products. Last night I successfully made an apricot kernel body polish and a rhassoul clay mask. They were scented with various things including but not limited to peru balsam, lavendar, ylang-ylang (my current favorite), eucalyptus, and bay laurel. I got all this stuff from mountainroseherbs.com
Everyone should get their herbal products and some teas from this place. They are outstanding and their philosophy is so inspiring to me I feel like I could burst just reading their homepage.
And inspiration is something I need.


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