08 May 2006

Everyone [at work] annoys me

I like using brackets. I don't think we use brackets enough.
Anyway, it is one of those days where I feel like screaming at everyone "Do it your own damn self!" For crying out loud, it astonishes me how helpless some people are. Also, I don't like being nagged. And people are nagging me. As if I am not responsible enough to take care of my own tasks [I am, by the way].
Also, Guy Who Greets Everyone by Saying their Name has taken to using a French pronounciation for our receptionist's name. I feel sorry for her. The first few times it was amusing. Now it is just disgusting. It almost makes me not like French [fat chance of that].
Office stuff.....ugh! I hope the day comes someday [in my dreams] when the only office stuff I will have to deal with will by my own.
It was a whirlwind weekend back home to Mott again. We had a surprise 50th birthday party for my MOL [which I can now write about]. So, she was actually surprised, but it was very challenging to keep the surprise in a small town filled with people who are incapable of keeping surprises. Billy and I ended up basically just hiding out on the farm all weekend until the party. But the weather was to-die-for gorgeous. We took a five-mile hike with the herd of dogs on Saturday morning. I did yoga. We lay in the hammock. We ate (too much). We read. We looked at catalogs. We agonized over the party preparations.
Saturday night was the party. It was at one of the most depressing places in the world, but it is a place that everyone likes to hang out at anyway. I don't really understand it. But, we had a good time, the food was good [my SIL did a great job planning and making everything]. The theme of the party was Hawaii 5-0 [get it--5-0???] My parents came. They made sure that Billy and I were properly decked out in Hawaiian attire. And I think they really enjoyed it because it gave them an excuse to talk to anyone and everyone about Hawaii. My parents love Hawaii. If anything is sure--that is sure. Which is great. It is just better than liking Nascar.
Sunday we went to church. This is always an exhausting experience being torn between lots of simultaneous small-talkish sorts of conversations and trying to keep everyone happy (especially Mona).
You guys: my grandma has a wedding planner. She is 74. And she has a wedding planner. And for some reason, she is taking the wedding planner very, very literally. Like, if she is not getting something done in time according to this ridiculous little wedding bible, she is freaking out, "The wedding planner says you're supposed to have the dress five months before at least--I am running out of time."
Dudes--it is May 8th. The wedding is September 30th. I think she has plenty of time, don't you????
She wanted to know if I had the baskets of goodies made up for her attendants yet.
Are you kidding?!!!
She wanted to know if we had all of the wedding music ready.
Sigh....I did make some headway with this. I will be suffering through this with my friend/former piano teacher, Margaret. Margaret is a saint. She is almost always calm, and she always has good ideas. But sometimes when you talk to her, it is difficult to ascertain whether she is actually listening to you or just talking to herself. At any rate, she had some great ideas for the music, and I no longer feel like I am alone in this. And I think it will be fun to play with her again.
We took our pastor out for lunch (well, actually my dad did), and this is how it was. Taking the pastor out to lunch was my idea. Because? The pastor is getting his doctorate right now and has lots of interesting theological discussion topics I would love to ruminate on. Except that at lunch, Mona wanted to sit next to me to discuss wedding.
So, here I was, having the most indepth discussion of my life (at least in a while), simultaneously interspersed with question from Mona about the wedding.
Pastor: "So, this guy [he brought two books by the way that total probably weighed five pounds] is saying that the scriptures should be interpretted by the culture in a dramatical way. Meanwhile this guy over here is saying that culture should interpret the Bible."
Me: [eating grilled cheese and fries] chewing....thinking...."Well, I usually shy away from anyone who takes any kind of experiential approach, but at least what the first guy is saying is that the scriptures are the source of the interpretation."
Mona: "So, have you started on the gift baskets yet?"
Me: What is today's date.....May 7th? 6th? The wedding isn't until September. I am currently just trying to survive my life. I have no money to buy materials, and if I make things now, they will not be good anymore for the wedding, but I don't want to go into all of this with her because it will just lead to more interrogation, so, "No."
Brian: "So, I was really surprised by some of the discussion in the class, and it didn't help that most of the people there were marriage and family types and not many theologian types because the discussion was very much all about how are feelings are involved and almost the catalyst for understanding these things."
Me: "Yeah, that's frustrating. If the emotions aren't rooted in truth, they mean nothing. But most people nowadays think that their emotions are what either confirm or deny the truth of scripture, and I think this is ridiculous."
Brian" Me, too."
Nathan: "Get Grandma."
Me: "Grandma, Nathan.
Mona: "What do you need?"
Nathan: " salt & pepper"
Mona: "I think that can be arranged."
Brian: theology, theology, theology, interesting, stimulating discussion
Everything else: distracting, distracting distracting
Needless to say, the conversation was not what I was hoping for, but it was interesting none the less, and I felt after the meal like I had had an aerobic workout just from trying to keep up with all of the conversations I was in.
Not that I don't like my grandma. I don't mean to give that impression. But she is extremely demanding, and not always very understanding of a person having other priorities besides what she thinks you should be prioritizing.
Husband and I got to hang out at my brother's house (he was baching it this weekend) partly on gargantuan deck, and partly inside. He was stung by a wasp, we drank wine, and we watched a really cool show about king crab fishing called, The Deadliest Catch.
And also, we started planning our next vacation.
Because I have a weakness for travel. And I am very guilty of starting to plan the next trip before I even leave for the current one.
So, we think next summer we will fly into Vegas, rent a car, and then drive up through the Grand Canyon area and then into Utah to Moab and Zion and all kinds of cool places.
That afternoon I got the opportunity to take portions of all of mom's and grandma's perennials, and then Billy had to figure out how to get them into our car (which he did, thank you Cavalier). So, my week is going to be filled with trying to get these plants in the ground, planting the garden, hauling rocks and making a path, and doing laundry to pack for the trip BECAUSE we are headed back to Mott next weekend (unexpectedly and on short notice) to drop the dogs off at grandma and grandpa's house to be cared for at least a half a month or so (their idea, not mine).
And the weather outside is perfect for planting. Meanwhile I sit at this desk doing annoying stuff and watching the sunlight pass through the window. I hope by tonight it is not raining.


Anonymous sister said...

ha...the lunch table conversation was frickin' hilarious. i pretty much was right there, sitting, not saying a word, taking it all in. like i would've been if i was actually there. and what the world?...g-ma has a wedding planner?!?!?!!!!!!!??????? wow. that is all i have to say.

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