28 July 2006

We're goin' in!!

This weekend my husband and I are starting work on a project that I have been wanting to do for three years. We are going to rip out the entire bathroom and start over.
Our bathroom is small and disgusting. It is going to stay small, but hopefully will not stay disgusting. The people we bought the house from, I believe, covered up a mold problem in the shower by putting vinyl sheeting over the walls and using new caulk. About a month after we moved in, I began noticing the mold behind the caulk. By this time, this many years later, despite my best efforts, the mold is taking over. Also, the bathtub, though it is large, is extremely uncomfortable (it has a straight back). And the vanity and mirror are that gross oak that was popular a few years back. And the floors have problems. Etc, etc.
We found a clawfoot tub on cleanup week a few years ago (I know, you are thinking "ew, gross," but, hey, it was a clawfoot tub, and it was really cool).
So, for the past three months the clawfoot tub has been living with the Sandblasting Guy who for some reason was hording it and not working on it.
Last week Billy gave him an ultimatum, and voila!, the tub was sandblasted. Then, Billy spent a few too many hours in the garage with copper spray paint shining the thing up.
I know--I am like a bird--I have an obsession with shiny things.
In the meantime, I have ordered new fixtures, including a really cool sink, and also chosen and bought and carted around and moved around tile to be put in the walls and the floor.
So, basically, we are going to be learning a lot of new skills on this project. Number one: how to demo a really old tub, 2) How to put in hardibacker board, 3) how to tile, 4) how to plumb, 5) how to tile around plumbing, 6) how not to get divorced over projects.
I also have to finish the skylight painting/sanding/sealing and cleaning up of the upstairs so that we can temporarily move our daily life up there since our bedroom and bathroom will be out of commission for awihle. To that end, I had mixed and matched paint to patch the spots where the guys cut into the drywall. And I did a good job matching it, I have to say. Well, this morning I went up there to try to find some Quizno's coupons underneath my dropcloths, and in the process I spilled the entire can of paint on myself (on my work clothes) and also on the floor. Luckily, the paint had separated, and it was mostly dirty water, but still, is this anyway to start a morning???!!! So, I washed off the pants in the sink and wore them to work wet. That was less traumatizing to me than picking out another outfit (something I hate--picking out clothes to wear--nothing ever fits or suits my mood).
On Saturday we will get to take a break from our toil in order to celebrate our friend Chris' 30th birthday. There will be brauts, drinks, pie, and other good things. I am looking forward to it.
Last night was a beautiful evening. I decided to take the dogs for a walk just before sunset. We walked down to a baseball complex near our house and then down by the river. And it was the complete picture of American romanticism--all these baseball players playing on a hot, summer night, the sounds of the ball getting whacked by the bat, a huge flag fluttering in the crystal clear, blue, sky, parents watching their kids, people walking their dogs....it was just so perfect I had to stop for a few minutes to just take it in. The only thing missing was ice cream and apple pie. I love summers. I love the things that comprise an "American summer." Homemade ice cream. Home made lemonade on the porch. Long evenings spent outside swinging on the porch swing. Fresh tomatoes from the garden. The smell of your mom canning pickles. The way the light shines on everything to give it a magical quality. The heat. The humidity. Summer dresses. Sandals. Swimming. Outdoor festivals. Harvest. The sound and the smell of your neighbor mowing his lawn. Campfires. Smores. The sense of satisfaction a person gets from growing and eating something themselves. Grilling hamburgers or brats or steaks or potatoes or anything you can think of on the grill. BBQ's. Yard parties. Pool parties.
I love it all. I love the summer. Thank God for the summer.


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Amen and hallelujay sister.

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