27 July 2006


I have a genetic defect. The defect is that I cannot remember when I put something in the microwave. I will ineviatably forget it probably 70% of the time. Last night I was making supper and purreeing herbs and playing with the cat and cleaning the house all at the same time. During all of this chaos I decided to throw a small plate of my few, precious, green beans into the microwave quickly so that I could eat them with my supper.
Well, I forgot them. It is not my fault. It is a genetic defect. My mother specifically bought a new microwave with an alarm on it for when you forget things for this very reason.
Well, this morning, I woke up, and I found the beans on the counter. And I found the beans had written me a letter which you can see in the picture.

"Dear Sponsor, Hello, my name is beans. Until recently I was living in a garden. Now I am moving constantly. Today someone left me in the microwave. That's ok, it was warm in there for awhile. Well, take care. Sincerely, Beans"

After reading the letter from the beans, I felt really badly for the beans that I had neglected them. So, I returned the letter to the beans saying that I was sorry for the fact that they had been forgotten in the microwave; however, that they would be put in the compost and then reincarnated next season into some other vegetable for us all to enjoy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

See, I told you it would happen to you! Ha!

1:57 PM  
Blogger Kiersten H. said...

I love green beans.

9:43 AM  
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