14 June 2006

Mystery Sound

Today at work we are dealing with Day 3 of the Mystery Sound. Mystery Sound is something akin to the sound that comes out of a balloon when you hold the opening really tightly. And it is happening at random intervals and no one knows why. And most people don't care b/c they don't have to WORK out here near the lobby. Talk on the PHONE near the lobby. Try to THINK near the lobby. But Sara and I do.
This Mystery Sound might finally be the end of us.
To help fend off the Mystery Sound, however, Sara was nice enough to bring us iced lattes this morning.
Last night I had the pleasure of having a glorious meal with Matt and Dana. Dana made amazing hamburgers, homemade buns, flatbread and hummus soup, and fruit crisp for dessert. And, the best part was that she had the entirety of the nutritional information figured out for the entire meal. This is helping with keeping track of the calories--check out calorie-counter.com. It's free, and it tells you everything you need to know to keep your motor running and get rid of body baggage.
Dana also helped me replace a zipper in a pair of shorts (actually, what I should say is that Dana did 75% of the work) thereby completely eliminating my mending pile for good. Yippeee!! If it is not useful, I either have to make it useful or get rid of it.
Also, Dana keyed me into flylady.com--she has lots of great tips for more efficient housekeeping. I think it is wonderful, though a little too structured for me. So, I am just ripping off some of her ideas and adapting it to my own routine. A lot of what she says is just common sense stuff, I think--but it is the kind of obvious stuff that no one ever thinks about, for some reason. At any rate, I am taking her suggestion of "keeping your sink shiny." Premise: if you keep your sink shiny, you will want to keep keeping it shiny, thereby, you will want to always have your dishes done and put away so that you get the payoff of a shiny kitchen.
I love trying to be efficient.
Yesterday was about the most beautiful day in the history of the world. It was also election day. I did something unusual this year. I voted for a liberal democrat for mayor. I figure voting for a lib for mayor is not as big of a deal as voting for one for president. At any rate, I like what this woman had to say about keeping neighborhoods strong and taxes--she has a lot of ideas of how to simplify things--and I think that's great. She didn't win, but it was a stretching experience for me. Also, why do they make it so complicated to figure out where the heck to vote??!! No wonder people don't turn out--they don't know where to go! My theory is that you should be able to vote wherever you want. But instead, I drove around trying to find a non-existent church only to discover that my polling place wasn't at the fake church, it was at the school across the street from my house Bah!. The one benefit of this was that it lead to me getting to actually SEE my husband and be home with him, enjoying a glass of fizzy water and a vegan cookie that probably contained one person's entire caloric intake for one day.
Last night I took advantage of the gorgeousness of the weather by doing yoga outside in my yard for awhile and then mulching the heck out of my flower beds. They look great. But mulch never covers as much as you would like it to. And it was pushing it to fit 15 bags of cypress mulch into my little car yesterday. But, I think I am going to do it again, but I think the end payoff will be less weeding and watering and a more polished look for the backyard. Yeah! I like the idea of having less maintenance in the yard and more time to enjoy the yard instead.
I should tell you about Chipmunk Woman. I promised Sara (the other one) that I would tell about her. Chipmunk Woman looks, sounds, acts like a chipmunk. And she has an office down the hall from me. And she is a loud chipmunk who doesn't shut her door. So the chipmunk voice and speech flutters down the hall towards us all day long. It is louder than talking to someone sitting right next to me. And the Chipmunk Woman scurries around--and she is short--so you can't always see her.
I am telling you--she is a chipmunk. Sigh...
Today is Date Day with my husband. He works nights now, so unless we go out to lunch, we do not get to have a face-to-face conversation for the entire week. I don't know where we will end up today--I am thinking Cajun Cafe possibly, but maybe somewhere downtown, too.
I am making progress on a knitting project and a book simultaneously this week. The knitting project is the butterfly scarf from Stich'n'Bitch Nation. I am making it out of pink and brown chenille cotton. I hated the yarn at first, but now that I have decent needles to work with (thanks Heather!), I am off and running. The scarf part is done. Now to make the butterflies. I am scared about it, but I am just going to jump in and see what happens.
This weekend is Father's Day. My dad is actually going to be in town, so that's exciting. I don't know what to get him. Why are dads so hard to buy for? Bah! Mom's are WAY easier.
Mona--the invincible rhinestone grandma--is having some problems, everyone, that I fear may interfere with her wedding plans. She has trigeminal neuralgia. Yes, it sounds scary, and yes, it is scary. They [the doctors, i guess, or people in-the-know] say that it is the most painful ailment that a human being can have. Basically a nerve in your face decides to hate you and makes you feel like your face is continually exploding over and over. Mona was able to get this ailment under control a few years back through a combination of chiropractic, surgery, and prayer, but now it has come back. She is probably in surgery right now to deaded her nerve permanently. If this does not take care of it, probably nothing will, so please pray for Rhinestone Grandma. It is terribly painful and obviously very upsetting.
Also, Billy's grandma had to go into the nursing home yesterday, which is really sad.
Poor grandma's--please pray for them. It sucks to get old. I hope I never do (please Jesus--come back for us!)
In a move of surprising musical optimism, I think that as a matter of faith that Grandma will get better, I will finally start rehearsing the wedding music this week.


Blogger Sara said...

Chipmunk?!? CHIPMUNK?!? Bwaahaahaa! I was thinking more groundhog than chipmunk. Maybe next February she'll be able to tell us if there will be 6 more weeks of winter.

By the way ... the mystery sound ... is probably our punishment for saying people look like chipmunks / groundhogs.

11:55 AM  
Blogger Kiersten H. said...

Yea for getting the scarf-part finished. I'm excited to see it. I'm sure it will be absolutely lovely.

10:38 PM  
Anonymous the other sara said...

Thanks for the fun anecdotes on your co-workers. I feel continually blessed to have never worked in an office. Instead I get to have crazy stories about kids, but they leave after an hour, so that's okay.

11:47 PM  

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