06 June 2006

An Entry a Day keeps the Shrink Away

I am currently on a mission to determine what the weird plant is that is growing in my yard. It comes back every year, thus it is a perennial. I have spent the entire afternoon at work going through online databases of ND and MN wildflowers and plants, hoping to be able to determine what this alien plant is.
In the meantime, I learned lots of interesting plant names i.e. bastard cabbage, fascicled broomrape, what have you.
But, I can't figure out what this plant is. It's a weird plant. It has really evil looking leaves and strange dangly flowers that are sort of reminiscent of bee balm, but they hang kind of upside down. I wouldn't be surprised if it is in the mint family. Right now it has a BAD case of downy mildew. Gross. Lots of mold in the valley. And mildew and other unsavory moistish sorts of things like grubs and such. EWWWWWWWWW.....
I am really showing you what a gardening nerd I am right now, aren't I?
Well, screw you. This is interesting to me.
I will probably end up contacting the extension service to see if they can help me. Although, I am not sure about that either. I contacted them last year to have them explain the difference between huckleberries and the deadly nightshade. Well, they described them. And yesterday, as I was going through my new book of plant identifications, I discovered that what I have growing in my yard really IS nightshade. And NOT huckleberry. Thank God I didn't eat any. That would be a bad way to die.
And no, Dad, it is not purple loosestrife. I am not perpetuating an agricultural pest. At least not one on any known list.
Maybe it is some kind of rare really special plant that will make me famous amongst all gardeners. And then all the gardeners will give me cuttings of all of their special plants and things.
Today's other project has been getting the hand-outs on worldview ready for Thursday night's philosophy and religion discussion group. Dana has also helped me out tremendously by encapsulating an entire book into a 2.5 page hand-out for us on how to argue well. That was a gift. I am paying her back in chocolate chip cookies on Thursday. I will also have wine, iced tea, and water available. I was also thinking of making like a rhubarb shaved iced slush situation...but we'll see.
Last night I went to Knitty Naughties. We went to a local coffee shop. They have windows that kind of overlook the river, and we had a fantastic view of the thunderstorms going through the area.
No, Dad, don't worry about tornados. All the fun stuff in the T-storms always goes AROUND Fargo. It's always pretty boring here except for the occassional light hail.
Anyway, knitting was fun. I continue to work on the Clap. I made progress until I ran out of stitch markers. Darla is working on her third or fourth felted women's hand bag--very cute. Angela is working on a felted bag, too, and Niccole is making something amazing out of very beautiful green wool. There were some other people there that I didn't know, but they were all knitting in acrylics. This weekend is Worldwide Knit in Public (not Pubic) Day which Knitty Naughties will be celebrating.
Last night I also attended a new yoga class. The teacher was graciously militant. Sweat was pouring off of me the entire time. It was intense and very challenging, and I loved it. We did an exercise called Buzzing the Chakras in which we tried to, through humming, create the sensation of vibration at each of the seven chakras. I found this interesting as a resonance exercise since in my former life I used to be a singer. It was fascinating to see that the same goal in opera is also sought after in yoga to a large extent--well them method is the same or similar, I guess the goal is different. But, nonetheless, it is interesting to think about and wonder what it all means.
Tonight progress continues on house things, namely laundry and cleaning the basement and mold eradication. Once we get all of this little piddly stuff out of the way, we can begin the bathroom reno, but we can't really do that anyway yet b/c the bathtub guy has been putting us off for weeks. He keeps saying he is going to bead blast the tub, but then he never does. I guess we just aren't important enough. He keeps promising...
But, once the house reno is done, other things can happen. Like relaxation. Working on making new products and business planning. Figuring out what to do with myself. The list goes on and on...


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