10 April 2006

A weekend filled with solutions

My friend, Matt, showed us a hilarious song a few years back. The entire song is a thrashy metal song in which the "singer," or rather, "screamer" screams things. Things filled with other things--
A cougar {the car} filled with cougars{the animal}.
You parents' bedroom filled with surprises.
A pantyhose egg filled with poop.
A toilet filled with scorpions (ouch!).
Etc, etc. For awhile, the joke was always the thing filled with another thing. Husband received a sweater filled with trail mix. I made a joke about a deer skull filled with ketchup. (Which I still think is hilarious.)
This past weekend was a weekend filled with solutions.
Problem--we haven't visited with our friends, Jason & Becky, in ages. Solution--we went out to supper on Friday night at Juano's and had a glorious time filled with food and drink.
Problem--we have been promising to have our neighbors over for supper for about a year now. Solutions--we invite them over for supper on Saturday night, and consequently spend two days cleaning and cooking for them.
Problem--The neighbors forgot (yes!) to come over to our house despite watching us grill the leg-of-lamb all evening. Solutions--Matt & Dana were forced to come over to enjoy Second Supper.
Problem--Molly and Priscilla (the dogs) keep ruining the grass and eating the plants that we have spent so dearly on and have to continually replant even though they KNOW they aren't supposed to. Solution--we put up a dog kennel/dog run attaching to our garage. So, now the dogs still have lots of room to play, but it won't be in my flower beds with scraps of my dead plants.
All in all, the last solution was the sweetest because sometimes in our house it feels like a losing battle between us and the dogs. But I STILL love them, and I wouldn't get rid of them no matter what.
I also further hurtled myself into the technological revolutions this weekend. First, I downloaded my first DVD off of itunes. Of course, it was two episodes of Battlestar Galactica. yum. We also purchased our first digital camera (thank you united states government and our glorious cpa, Randy, for the hefty tax return!) (Oh, and thank you to me and my husband, too, for earning that money in the first place.) So, now I will be able to post pictures on this blog provided that I can figure out how to do it. So far determining how to even take a picture has been a challenge. There are three owners manuals for this camera. Three. 1,2,3.
I finished reading my current book, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith. This is a great read. The story takes place in Brooklyn around the time of the first world war, and it details the childhood and adolescence of a girl in a very poor, Irish family. I thought the book was absolutely fantastic in the amount of detail it held about the living conditions and the culture in Brooklyn at that time. It also kind of helped me to understand the New York mentality of survival a little bit more, and it also helped me understand my Momo, who grew up in New York (though not Irish), a little more as well. I was pleased to find out at the end of the story, that it was largely autobiographical. This would explain the pristine and realistic detail of the story.
It is a good read. I'd recommend it highly.
I also got to see my friend, Kristi's new baby. She is adorable, and she has about the cutest little nursery that you could ever imagine. When I see Kristi being a mom, I forget instantly that she was ever anything but a Mom--it suits her perfectly.
Despite the fact that the weekend was filled with solutions, both my husband and I agreed that we were not feeling the usual contentedness that comes from a full and enjoyable weekend. Maybe we are spoiled. Probably we are depressed a little. For me it is more than that. I feel a discontent stirring in me. I feel, in part, like life is passing me by. Like one of the characters says in Singles, I feel like time is running out to do something crazy. Or something meaningful. There has to be more to me than just making files and doing financial information all day. I love my company, and I appreciate my job. But it isn't enough. Or rather, I can start to sense that the time is going to come when it isn't going to be enough, and I will need to go deeper, to take bigger risks, to fully jump into some of the ideas and dreams that I have. And to pick some things up that I've had to lay down in recent years for various reasons.
It's like how Mary Poppins comes and goes with the wind--I feel that wind coming where something is going to change. I am on the cusp. I feel the wind in my skirts--and I need to fly.


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