05 April 2006

Failure to launch: Yacht Oberlander

Well, we have not floated away. The river has crested. The dikes are holding. The river remains at bay (ha!) And our sump pump continues to work.
I believe we may be in the clear.
That, and it is 64 degrees and generally sunshiny today. Which is glorious.
Last night I took the dogs for a walk and took a gander at the river's hugeness. It was huge. Really huge. It was almost going over one of the mammoth Fargo-Moorhead bridges in my neighborhood. Very impressive. I did not want to fall in the river. A bunch of other people must have wanted to, though, since they were standing on driftwood on the "shore" taking pictures to show all of their friends. Idiots.
Tonight I have to teach the bellydancing classes for Rita and Megan who are both busy with real life stuff. I have a beginner class learning a folkloric style dance and a more advanced class learning a modern Egyptian dance.
There are some very special ed people in the advanced class. I am normally incredibly tolerant of awkwardness in people in these classes, but there is this one very nice woman in our class that I literally have to try sooooooooooooooooo hard not to laugh out loud at. I do not understand nor can I describe the things she manages to do with her body and her hands. The sad thing is that she thinks she is doing the moves. And tonight, it will be my job as the teacher to try to help her. And I will have to try not to laugh.
I am mean.
I don't mean to be mean, though. You should see her. You'd struggle, too.
I don't relish teaching. I actually quit teaching voice and piano because I didn't like it. It was draining, and half the time I'd ruin a perfectly good afternoon with friends only to go home to wait for a student for them to NO SHOW. Bah!
It won't be quite the same with having an actual class, so maybe it isn't going to be as bad. The main issue is finding enough things for the advanced class to do for an hour and a half. They pretty much know most of the dance now. But sometimes they get overwhelmed and need to quit choreography for awhile, and then we have to figure out something else to fill the time.
I think I am going to incorporate some acting exercises into the classes tonight. Like, "this time we are going to dance it like cheerleaders." "This time we will dance it like a goddess." Etc, etc. It adds another layer of interest and makes it fun and interesting.
Well, I am off to get prepared for the classes. And to soak up some sun!


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