20 March 2006

How things go in spurts.

Do you ever notice how things go in spurts? Deaths, interests, times when you do things and then times when you don't?
I am still in the purging spurt. This weekend I managed to clean out jewelry and craft supplies and sewing supplies and knitting supplies.
I hate the word "crafty" by the way. It implies that I spent my freetime making applique sweatshirts or making wood crafts of geese wearing bonnets.
I do not do this, people. Gross.
Anyway, I continue to purge because it continues to make me feel more free from the encumbrances of "things." I think we have a disease of things in this country.
What's wrong with her? Her cell phone is permanently connected to her ear, she can't walk in those fancy shoes, and we can't get her to leave the mall?!
Well, sir, she has Things.
Anyway, I am also in a Getting Caught up on Things spurt. Not things like above, things as in things I need to do.
Leading to an eye appointment. Leading also to bringing the pets (all three) to the vet this morning.
My boss just got back from Vegas. I asked if he came back broke. I think I lost more money at the vet than he did in Vegas (yeah, about $200. At the vet. For animals that do little more than make poop. But I love them.)
I like the Getting Caught up on Things phase. It leads to being productive. If there is one thing in life that I LOVE it is being productive.
{Truthfully, I would rather be at home being productive more often that I would like to be out with people. Hopefully this will wear off once I am productive, purge, and get caught up on things.
Then I will be in a social spurt.}
Speaking of getting caught up on things, we did a lot of catching up on things with Guy I almost Married and BFF from College this weekend. Things went amazingly, surprisingly well. We all actually had a fantastic time. I found myself being really glad that I had the guts to forgive them and try to get over the trauma of the relationships. Because it is hard, very hard, to find friends that one can connect with on any kind of a deep level. Usually, people are either too distracted, to hostile, or too guarded to have a reasonable discussion about anything. But this weekend was filled to two full days of interesting discussion--especially theological discussions--which is something I thoroughly enjoy and find edifying. So, it is worth it to forgive. Something I will try to remember.
The weekend was also filled with lots of wine, champagne, and eating, namely at all of our favorite places in town. It was fun to show big city people around here and let them see for themselves that Fargo can actually be a pretty hip place. And I was very thankful for Husband who took the entire potentially awkward and traumatizing social situation in a stride and was a glorious host, making all feel at ease.
Finally, I am in a knitting spurt. Because I had to make The Rule for 2006. The Rule is that I am not allowed to do another knitting project until I read a book. Because I have two problems: 1) way too many books in my possession that remain unread and 2) a penchance to buy yarn for projects I don't have time to complete. So, I will alternate between book and tactile project. Since I recently finished a fantastic book, I am now on to finish a project that I have been working on for some time: Tubey. You can see this sweater pattern on www.knitty.com Tubey is this fantastic sweater that is basically two tubes--one for your arms and one for your torso. And yes, they are connected (there was some confusion on this point for one strange, sporty boy). I am knitting it out of this glorious 50/50 blend of wool and llama. Yes, llama. For all of you Napoleon Dynamite fans out there, I am knitting with Tina. Happily. Tina is the most beautiful teal/purple/blue/red/green soft yarn EVER!!! I love this wool. This weekend, during all of the philosophical, political, and theological discussions in front of the fire with wine, I managed to actually get very close to completing Tubey 1.2 aka Tube One.
Hopefully tonight at Knitty Naughties (which is at my place), I will be able to finish Tube One and move on to Tube two. The thrill of anticipation of completing a projects is so fun--especially something as sizeable as a sweater. And I have to get it done before spring.
Nevermind that today is the first day of spring. This is North Dakota. We don't get spring until May. Two more months of sweater weather! No groundhog required.


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