24 March 2006

Poindexter and Projects

When I was little, I never really played with Barbie. I mean, I liked Barbie's clothes, but after Barbie and Ken make out for a few seconds, Barbie kind of lost her mystique for me. I would rather be reinacting the latest episode of Thundercats or Shera, Princess of Power with my brother.
The only Barbie thing I ever did play was a Barbie board game at my Momo and Fafa's house. It was all about Barbie in high school. Which of four clubs was she going to be in? Which of four dresses was she going to wear? And the big question--which of four boys was going to ask her to the prom?
It was always totally mortifying to get Poindexter as your date. Poindexter was the dork--the nerd--the ugly guy.
It's funny how your tastes change, because now when I look at that game, I think that Poindexter is the hot one.
I bring up Barbie because of Barbie shoes. That's what I have decided to call the bow monostrosities I received on my car hood yesterday. And yes, I am wearing them. I made myself like them by making myself realize that they are just like Barbie shoes (and about as comfortable, I might add). I am wearing them to spite Heather. Because I am proving that I actually like the shoes. Please give me more shoes to like.
And besides, I had to wear them because I still can't find my real black shoes. And I have no reserves due to the recent purging.
Enough about shoes. On to projects.
My current project in the world of textiles is knitting a sweater. It is an awesome sweater off of knitty.com called Tubey. I am knitting it out of 50% wool/50% llama (Tina, come get some ham!) in this gorgeous teal/purple/red/blue/green color. I hit a major road block yesterday which just happened to coincide with some pretty bad PMS (I had a near meltdown--sorry Dana!) when trying to begin attaching the two tubes. Or rather, to start knitting the second tube onto the first tube. This sounds simple, right? Well, it's not. When you're not an analytical, linear thinker, it is not simple. Because patterns are confusing. They use abbreviations and words that don't really make sense.
Like when someone says the "right" side of something--what do you think of? I think "right" as in "right or left." But, the crazy people that write patterns mean "right" as in "right side and wrong side."
My question is--why can't they just say inside, outside, right and left??!! This is much more simple.
Anyway, after nearly an hour of completely circular conversation and circular needle dilemnas, Dana managed to help me get myself straightened out, my yarn straightened out, and my brain straightened out, so that I can continue on with Tubey 2.0. Hopefully I will be done soon so I can wear it before it gets warm.
After this I have to read a book. I think I am going to finish A Tree Grows in Brooklyn which I have had from Dana for about 6 months.
After that, I will whip up some embroidery pillow cases and days of the week kitchen towels--hopefully some of which will be ready in time for my sister-in-law's wedding in May.
The rule is that I have to alternate project with book, and that I am not allowed to buy new projects or new books until everything I currently possess is finished. This is an offshoot of the purging and is also a quest to be content with what I have.
Hebrews 13:5
Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you."
One exciting thing is that my fiber goddess friend, Athena, has invited me to a meeting of the Northern Plains Fiber Guild where I will get to practice my spinning and sit around knitting.
At this point I am sure I sound like a complete ninny to all of you, but you need to understand that spinning and knitting is all a part of my quest towards self-sufficiency and towards preserving lost and dying arts.
So, there will be spinners and dyers and felters and knitters and needlework people. It should be pretty interesting.
House projects persist in our house, too, which we are renovating. Hopefully this weekend I will finally birth the continual painting project that has been going on in our upstairs for several months. And hopefully my husband and friend will install the sump pump and seal up the basement so that our house doesn't float away with the rest of Fargo when it floods this spring.
Finally, to all of you ladies, I encourage you this weekend to experience your inner-Diva. Do something fun and lavish for yourself--and for another diva. And if you really want to go the full nine yards--get yourself one of these:
I'm telling you, it's the best thing EVER for a woman to have. I use it, and I will never go back to cotton cigars and skateboards!
Happy weekend and happy trails to all of you!


Blogger dana said...

Your black shoe has been missing for several days now. Do you want me to ask Berd where he thinks shoes go when seeking adventure? He's a gnome... part of that magical world. He might have some ideas.

1:35 PM  
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