30 March 2006

What a few gigs and rams and all of that computer crap will get you.

My dear friend, Carrie, is meeting her internet boyfriend from Virginia today. This has been a long anticipated event. The two of them met by being online pen pals. The thing I like about this guys is that, if it were possible, I think he is actually more sarcastic than Carrie, and he seems to have a great sense of humor.
For instance, the dude was in a very serious car accident a year ago, and has since been somewhat disabled. Like, for a long time, he walked with a limp. But he doesn't mind that Sara constantly gives him a hard time about this. He also gets teased a lot for being a hill billy (though he claims the real hill billies come from West Virginia.....is there a difference?)
Anyway, he arrived in town today, and Sara and I are waiting with baited breath to hear how the interaction between the two is going.
This is agonizing, people.
Really agonizing.
Like, all we have been able to do all day here in our suite at work is make jokes about them and giggle like school girls.
We are awaiting a report back. A kind of report that comes on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being "He is hideous and I could not possibly be attracted to him if he were the last man EVER" and 10 being "I am going to jump him right now in the airport."
We have heard nothing.
The goal was at least a "7." Rumor has it that we are currently at a 6.5.
This is too much suspense for me.
Thusly, Sara and I for the past hour or so have taken to sending intermittent text message to Carrie with such mature messages as "Pube Pizza" or "Got Limp?"
As we speak, we are trying to get Carrie away from the boy from Virginia so that we can get the real scoop.
Other than that, projects abide. Kind of like the dude abides (if you've seen the Big Lebowski--my favorite funny movie). I have about 10 inches or so left on Tubey and only one ball of yarn left. This is probably going to lead to a trip to Yarn Renaissance, but what am I going to do. I can't walk around in a sweater that doesn't cover The Girls.
I have also been looking into the bathroom renovation project. I have discovered how to gain momentum for a new project---you just have to go shopping. Then your desire for new stuff will outweigh your desire to not work. At least that's how it operates for me. But not for my husband. So, I have to figure out a way to tempt him into this project.
Here is tactic one: a really awesome sink and vanity like these:
I have also been researching how to put a window back into a wall where Former Homeowner Idiots removed one. I really want to throw an old stained-glass window into the space where the window used to be in the bathroom. And I want to put in cork flooring, and refinish the clawfoot tub we got on cleanup week last year, and get new faucets, and paint this awesome color called "Pecan Pie." How can you not love a color named pecan pie?
If anyone has any advice or know-how on the window situation, I'd appreciate hearing it.
I have also been researching skylight installation which, believe it or not, in theory, is supposed to be easier than putting in a window.
I love getting excited about projects because it falls under the category of Accomplishing Things. And I love being productive.
Truthfully, though, there is only ONE thing that is going on in our house these days. Most people would be ashamed to admit this, but I am not. My husband and I are completely, totally, 100% addicted to the new Battlestar Galactica TV show. We own season one and watched it in one week. The other day I was lucky enough to rent all three DVD's of Season 2.0 (first half) in the movie store.
So, this is how it goes. I leave work early and scream home to find my husband already has the dogs fed and supper ready. We do not even talk or say hello--he simply hands the food to me, and we retreat to the upper regions of our house, remotes in hand, to begin the next episode. This show is sooooooooooooooooo fantastic. I love the ideas and conflicts and politics and philosophy and religious questions it brings forth. I love the actors and actresses (especially a burgeoning love affair between on Lee Adama and one Kara Thrace).
{After reading that last sentence, I realize how truly, truly I am a complete and total Sci-Fi geek.}
It is nice to know that my husband is as obsessed with this show as I am. At least I am not alone.
Apparently things are going quite well with Carrie and the boy toy. Very well in fact. Which makes me smile. That infatuational stage of a relationship can be soooooo fun.
I wish you all lots of infatuational love gazes and making out with your better halves and a glorious Thursday afternoon.


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