17 October 2006

Birthing a project

I guess I haven't blogged in awhile. Since I got back from grandma's wedding, I have feverishly been trying to finish this stupid pie shawl project (with the Rainbow clouds of mohair) that I have been working on since April, I think. I believe I became inspired about it again after making sizeable progress on the shawl on the drive back and forth to Mott. So, that momentum propelled me into two and a half weeks of solid knitting mania. I have done NOTHING besides work and knit. This has been a serious battle I have been waging, folks, but I finally tackled the shawl, mohair, short rows, lace knitting and all. I will post pictures as soon as I get around to actually taking them (maybe tonight while it is blocking).
Today is a list day. I think it is better to make top eleven lists. This helps indulge my penchance for excess and exaggeration and overachieving. So, here is my top eleven list of most desired careers:

1) self employed doing something creative, sophisticated and earthy
2) performer--preferrably stage performer, operatic most highly preferred
3) housewife
4) trapeze artist
5) pastry chef.
6) missionary
7) horse wrangler on my own ranch where I would probably do horse therapy
for people with disabilities
8) hollywood gossip reporter
9) lavendar farmer in Provence or owning a vineyard and making wine
(actually these would be much further up the list, but I just thought of
them now)
10) taste tester for Godiva (with automatic liposuction included in the
benefits plan)
11) a Rockette
Yes, a rockette. Look at their legs. Wouldn't you want to have legs like that? And a built-in workout for your job?
What's your top eleven?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes Organic Flailing I will submit my 11.
1) Small Business Owner-mechanic/machining
2)Self-Sustained living with minimal employment
4)King of the World where I would begin initiating the Evans Protocol and AL Gore's mission to Jupiter.
5)Repeat until you get to 11
Love Steve Johnson

10:42 PM  

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