18 May 2010

Home again, home again jiggety-jog....

This is part of a rhyme my mom used to say with us when we would drive our old white subaru from town and pull up in front of my child hood home.
A few days ago, I pulled my own subaru up in front of my childhood home and moved back in.
This is an incredibly eerie yet strangely comforting experience.
I know what the house smells like, where the floor creaks, how the sink sprays water everywhere, exactly how many steps it is from the bedroom to the bathroom in the dark (although my steps are considerably bigger than before). I know where my old climbing trees are, where the best place is to see the sunset, and that I will sometimes catch on the whisp of the wind the sound of Mott's noon whistle.
Even more fun is being here with my husband--showing him all my old haunts, showing him the tricks of the place, explaining what roads lead where, going for strolls in the twilight, sitting on the porch with a glass of wine.
So, here we are, after many years living in the "city" (read: Fargo), returning, quite literally in my case, to our roots.
What are we going to do here, in old Mott, you say?
Answer: organic flailing
This is where we hope to most fully implement all of our self-reliant hopes and dreams. Growing and raising all of our own food, canning everything, making cheese, making cloth, picking eggs.
Eventually, when we are moved more into our permanent living situation, it will mean getting the house off grid with passive solar heating, wind power, and making our own biodiesel and ethanol. It will mean self-employment as well as self-reliance. It will mean an assload of hard work.
So, this blog will continue in its original theme, but with more real-life application. I hope to show you, the reader, our quest towards self-sufficient living. The daily processes. The ups and downs. The successes, the failures....in the hopes that it might encourage you to...I don't now...learn to do something that your grandparents could do but your parents forgot: handwash your clothes, make your own soap, milk a goat. Whatever....
A quest to recover the self-reliant lifestyle without giving up modern technology (see: blog posts), wireless internet, 3Gphone, directv, etc, etc, etc. all while living green and healthfully with the things God has given us and the work our hands have made.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just feel a need to note, here.....none of my grandparents could do any of that stuff (great grandparents on ONE side, maybe (but probably not)....;) I'm so happy for you! Congrats and I look forward to reading more!


2:51 AM  
Anonymous Alicia said...

This will be an exciting adventure....can't wait to read more.

6:59 AM  

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