03 June 2008

About a thousand pictures of my new kitchen

About six months ago after a few drinks, my friend, Jason, and I were talking about how we hated our kitchens. A lot. I mean we hated our kitchens a lot. And since Jason knows how to do concrete work, and since he is a creative being who has the math parts of the brain that I do not have, we decided to endeavor on a joint effort to make concrete countertops for our kitchens. What follows are the *amazing* results of what turned out to be a fairly extensive kitchen overhaul, including a new sink with fun sink gadgets, new lighting courtesy of my lovely husband, a new dishwasher. New tile.
Yes, I did say a dishwasher. Nothing has ever made me so happy in my entire life as this dishwasher. You wouldn't believe the amount of free time we now have because of this.
I have also included a picture of Jason on his birthday. It looks ridiculous, but honestly, you can take this guy seriously when it comes to concrete, and he is genuinely quite talented, though he would never admit it. He's starting his own business doing this, so if any of you are interested after viewing the pics, let me know, and I will hook you up.

Yay for new kitchens, beautiful countertops, and liberation from the dirty dish!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The kitchen turned out gorgeous!!! Great job, all who were involved!

11:57 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

Exceedingly excellent. I cannot wait to see the tiles in person. They look like the inside of shells, sort of.

9:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I seriously love your kitchen! Will you bring Jason and Bill over to do mine too? I'll hunt for deals and supervise :) - Renee

2:20 PM  

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