23 May 2007

A Random Set of Meaningless Events in a series of near misses

We torture the cat.
Billy gets his wisdom teeth out.
In our free time we torture the cat.
Hollie runs the marathon relay. She can run much faster than I.
Again, in our free time, which is minimal, we torture the cat.

10 May 2007

Erin & Chris go to the Asian Market

The date: May 3rd
The goal: Go to the Asian market. Find the two most disgusting and repulsive things at the Asian market. Buy them. Attempt to eat them.
These pictures detail the results.
The first pictures show the canned wheat gluten and peanuts soaked in soy sauce. (Uh...can we all collectively puke?! Gross!!!????) We called them elf balls and testes because that's what they look like.
The second stuff is canned grass jelly. Yup. Grass. Like the kind you cut with a lawn mower.
Both were gross, but I couldn't stomache the elf balls at all.
Enjoy this visual montage of repulsivity.
We do this so you don't have to.